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Matthew Mocabee

Hell yea ol son

Tenelle Darrington

I ordered two t shirts during your Black Friday sale but when they arrived they were little kids sizes
I contacted you customer service via email and they said to just mail them back
I thought that there was no way I would get the correctly sized shirts in time for Christmas but your group came through!
They arrived in time and were a big hit
Thanks 😊

Brady van Hook

Looks good on my kids vest

Chip Haskell
The Best Patch of All Time

It’s really a shame that these Rodeo Time patches are sold out because they’re worth their weight in gold. I’ve owned several and let me tell ya, there’s nothin’ I’ve yet found that they can’t patch. I used one to patch up some chaps before chasin’ an old cow through some thick tamarisk trees. After I caught a tamarisk branch in the eye, I used another one for an eye patch. Later that day, someone mistook me for Rooster Cogburn and shot me with a pistol. Bullet hole was pretty big, so I put a patch on that. Now that I think about it, last March I put one of these patches on my bare shoulder with a staple gun and used it to quit smokin’. A couple months ago, I visited Europe and wore one of 'em on my backpack so people would know I wasn’t Canadian. And just last week one of these patches done patched up my marriage. But that’s another story.

Derek Kolbaba
im getting this

im going to order this for my riding vest!